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If you are citizen of the European Union, the European Economic Area, the Swiss Confederation, Monaco or Andorra: no formalities are necessary. A valid identity card or passport is sufficient proof. For other nationalities a passport is required to enter the national territory. Before the departure, make sure that your passport is valid until the end of your stay.
All foreigners intending to enter Italy must provide the documentation required to justify the reasons and duration of their stay as well as, in some prescribed cases, the availability of adequate economic means and lodging. In some cases you need a visa, application for which can be made at the Italian Diplomatic and Consular Representations in your country of residence.

Do you need a visa?

Visit the web site or contact the Italian Embassy in your country to:

  • find out whether, depending on your citizenship, country of long-term residence, and the duration and reasons for your stay, you need a visa to enter Italy.
  • find out which documents are required in order to apply for your visa.

Be advised: presentation of the documentation requested does not necessarily ensure issuance of the visa.

Important information for foreigners

  • When entering Italy, even if you have already obtained a visa, the border authorities are authorised to check the documentation required for obtaining the visa itself
  • Pursuant to article 4, paragraph 2 of Consolidated Text no. 286/98 and subsequent amendments, concomitant with the issuance of your visa you will receive a written communication from the diplomatic or consular authority illustrating the rights and obligations associated with your entrance and stay in Italy, with particular regard to the procedures envisaged for requesting a “Permesso di soggiorno” (permission to stay) or the issuance of a “Dichiarazione di presenza” (statement of presence)

It is the sole responsibility of the attendee to take care of his/her visa requirements. Attendees who require an entry visa must allow sufficient time for the application procedure.

Attendees should contact the nearest embassy or consulate to determine the appropriate timing of their visa applications. It is recommended to apply for a visa at least 3 months in advance of the Congress. When the registration has already been paid, the registration fee minus a handling fee of € 50,00 will be refunded after the Congress if the visa application together with an official notice from the embassy confirming that a visa could not be granted, is forwarded to:


The official Currency in Italy is Euro. If you want to exchange money, you should do that at the airport.


The organizers are not liable for damages and/or losses of any kind which may be incurred by the meeting delegates or by any other individuals accompanying them, both during the official activities as well as going to/from the meeting. Delegates are responsible for their own safety and belongings.


The registration fee does not cover insurance for the delegates. The organizers recommend that delegates take out an insurance in their home country to cover pre-journey cancellation for personal reasons and to cover accidents, medical expenses and loss of personal belongings during the visit.

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