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ESTP Scienti­fic Program

Biomarkers and Risk Assessment

The meeting will kick o­ with a lecture on biomarkers as valuable drug development tools to assess and monitor safety in preclinical settings and early clinical trials especially when exposure margins are limiting for promising therapeutics. A second presentation will discuss the use citrulline biomarker.

Biomarkers of inflammation with immunotherapeutics

This session will highlight the application of inflammatory biomarkers in T cell redirected immunotherapies and for the management of cytokine storm during clinical trials.

Biomarkers of Liver injury

This session will present the currently used and new candidate biomarkers of liver toxicity. A special emphasis is given to the predictivity of liver biomarkers and to translational aspects of NAFLD/NASH models.

Validation of biomarkers

This session will highlight the role of the pathologist in target validation, patient segmentation, and tissue-based efficacy and safety biomarker evaluation and the regulatory agencies perspective on the use of biomarkers.

Pathology and biomarkers potpourri

The second day will introduce various lectures on biomarkers of organ toxicity such as renal, vascular, respiratory injury biomarkers.

Biomarkers for neurotoxicity and special senses

The last session is dedicated to biomarkers for neurotoxicity, including predictive fluid-based biomarkers in preclinical species and OCT for predicting ocular toxicity.

The ESTP scientific program will also include poster sessions and an update from Pathology 2.0 working group.

On September 14th, there will be the half-day International Academy of Toxicologic Pathology (IATP) Satellite Symposium. The topic will be “Biomarkers for the 21st Century: The Critical Role of the Microbiome in Toxicology”.

ESVP-ECVP Scientific Program

The ESVP/ECVP part will include 5 Sessions of dynamic presentations of scientific results. Each session will associate one Keynote Lecture and 4 to 5 related Oral communications of selected submitted abstracts. Time for discussion and exchanges between speakers and audience will be allocated.

The topics of the sessions will be:

  • Global health / emerging disease, speculations on the next pandemic
  • Neoplasia
  • Forensic pathology
  • Molecular techniques in Pathology
  • ECVP History - 25 years

The ESVP-ECVP scientific program will also include thematic virtual poster sessions. On September 15th, there will be a half-day seminar dedicated for Residents and/or PhD students dealing with “Skills in Oral Communication and Poster Design”.

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